Snow Leopard Finder error 1407

I got this funny error yesterday. I had a zipped file of size 2.89 GB and the unzipped version of the file which was 9.3 GB.

I tried deleting the both file and each time I got the same error. I have attached the image below

Error on deletion

I tried deleting one of the file from Terminal and fortunately I was able to delete the file. I checked the forums for any reason for this issue but couldn’t find any valid reason.

In my case I restarted the machine and things were back to normal. But even after restart if you are not able to delete files try using Disk Utility to repair permission on the partition.

If you are in some kind of hurry Terminal should be good enough. Just do


(You can just drag and drop the folder on to the terminal after typing “rm -rf “)

The similarities between all the issues I found on web(related to this) were that it occurs on driver not formatted in “HFS+ Case-insensitive”. My file system was “HFS+ Case-sensitive”, it looks like apple has a bug to fix.


2 thoughts on “Snow Leopard Finder error 1407

  1. Mac does not support all the terminal command in Finder. Rather u can say that it interprets in different way. Simple example is u cant create folder with leading zero in finder but mkdir does it easily.

    • No matter how much I want to disagree with this I can’t. You have caught the bull by the horn. But the fact is it’s not only Macintosh. Linux and Windows also suffers from these issues.

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