Arsenal Nursery

It’s an open secret that I am a gooner. So it’s natural to doubt it when I write about an Arsenal themed Nursery in Norway but it is true! Unfortunately I can’t understand Norwegian!

To understand the video this link will be useful.

You can follow them on twitter account Arsenal_Nursery.

Some of my favourite images from the twitter account!

Robert Pires in the middle

Two of my all time favourite Arsenal players

Can you identify them?

Can you identify them?

Dribbling practice at Little Highbury

Dribbling practice at Little Highbury

Young Gunner

Young Gunner


Stan(Arsenal Remix)

I laughed through every minute of this remix! Stan here is Stan Kroenke, majority shareholder of Arsenal FC. There is no Eminem in this version of the song, He is replaced by Arsene Wenger. Best part of this song is Arsene Wenger finishing it off in thick French accent and justifying everything he has done.

Very very good work! Couldn’t help posting it!

P.S. : I am one of those 1,176 people who liked it :)!

Mayor of Vilnius crushes Mercedes with a tank! (It’s a stunt)

It is believed that this was a stunt. But it is fun watching! The city is Vilnius, which is also the capital city of Lithuania. The name of the mayor is Arturas Zuokas. He was infuriated with motorists parking their luxury cars illegally.

My favorite lines in this video are

“What should the city do about drivers who seem to think they’re above the law?”
“It seems that a tank is the best solution.”

Arsenal 2-1 Barcelona

For those who missed the action.

I picked up some funny jokes going around about this match.

1) Looking back at that first-half performance, perhaps it was a mistake to give the Arsenal fans white flags to wave before kick-off.

2) An Arsenal fan proposed to his girlfriend on the pitch at half-time. Apparently, he was inspired to do so by watching Xavi and Iniesta run rings round his team’s midfield.

3) The second half turn-around was as brilliant as it was unexpected. Surely not even Arsene Wenger would have seen it coming (although that’s not saying much – he hasn’t admitted to seeing anything at a football match for the past 15 years). (A potshot at Arsene Wenger’s usual comment “I did not see it”)

4) Then again, you would expect a team built on a foundation of Busquets to crumble under pressure…

5) It was a mixed performance from Leo Messi, who had such a bad game in front of goal that Roman Abramovich(Chelsea Owner) is considering putting in a £50million bid for him in the summer.

6) Cesc Fabregas refused to get carried away after the game, telling reporters: “It was an unexpected result, but I’m sure we can turn it around in the second leg.” (This one is worthy of George W. Bush)

7) The Arsenal skipper was quick to swap shirts at the end of the game though. Apparently, Cesc wanted a Barcelona away shirt to go with the home one Pepe Reina gave him after the World Cup.

8 ) The big positive for Arsenal: Barcelona have ended their interest in Cesc Fabregas. Unfortunately they now want to sign Jack Wilshere…

Picked it up from It is written by Dan Silver.

Over the top announcer

This video is from the final day of the 2006 – 07 season, the focus was on soon-to-be-departed David Beckham and Roberto Carlos, but José Antonio Reyes, brought from the bench for injured Beckham, netted twice as Real came from behind to beat RCD Mallorca and claim yet another La Liga title.

In the audience were Tom Cruise and Rafael Nadal cheering for Real Madrid. The commentator seemed to be in a very emotional mood. Check the video out.

hint : Wait till you see Tom Cruise and listen to all hell break loose.(47th second)

England sprinkler celebration

English team celebrating the fact that they have retained the Ashes. From this video it looks like no English celebration is complete without the sprinkler dance. I guess it’s the final part of the sprinkler dance series. Hope am wrong! Congratulations to the English team.


Since I am dealing with cricket in this post. Let me share this image. This photography really impressed me a lot. Jacques Kallis tries to avoid a Sreesanth bouncer. The entire thing lasted few milliseconds and yet the photographer managed to get such a clean shot. Hats off to him and hats off to Indian cricket team for squaring the series at 1 all.

Jacques Kallis