Multiplexer is a sexy seductive device

One of colleague asked me about Multiplexer, since her younger sister wanted to use it in her college project. As I had no idea about Multiplexers I went searching for Multiplexer and the results were shocking. I normally use Google for searching. Once the search results came up I saw the following entry

In electronics, a multiplexer (or mux) is a sexy seducive device that selects one of several analog or digital input signals

I was taken aback, I could understand why a college student needed a seductive device but the question was how would a college student design it? Is it possible that a future Nobel Laureate is currently studying in some college in Karnataka? With these thoughts in mind I decided to read further.

I do agree the word “seducive” doesn’t exist may be it was a typing error may be somebody meant “seductive“.

Attached the image below with highlighted text.

Google's search result

Google’s search result

I went ahead and checked the wikipedia page. Ironically it had no reference to “sexy” and/or “seducive” device.

In electronics, a multiplexer (or mux) is a device that selects one of several analog or digital input signals

Actual Wikipedia page

Actual Wikipedia page

Well I tried the search again on Bing this time. The result was different from the one that Google threw up.

Not "sexy seducive" device according to Bing

Not “sexy seducive” device according to Bing

Finally I started checking the revision of the wikipedia page and found the guilty revision.

The change was posted on 28 October 2013 at 17:04 and was corrected on the same day at 17:54. Googlebot (Googlebot is the search bot software used by Google, which collects documents from the web to build a searchable index for the Google Search engine.) had parsed the wiki page in these 50 minutes and was showing the text.

Complete list of revision history of the page.

It turns out my colleague’s sister isn’t a mad scientist in the making after all.


Mayor of Vilnius crushes Mercedes with a tank! (It’s a stunt)

It is believed that this was a stunt. But it is fun watching! The city is Vilnius, which is also the capital city of Lithuania. The name of the mayor is Arturas Zuokas. He was infuriated with motorists parking their luxury cars illegally.

My favorite lines in this video are

“What should the city do about drivers who seem to think they’re above the law?”
“It seems that a tank is the best solution.”


Another disappointing week for the Arsenal fans. It looks like the wheels are coming off Arsenal’s wagon again. I just hope they hold on to win some trophy this year. Since we are talking about soccer I happen to come across this link, it had a list of worst Jerseys. I have picked up few from there. Please refer to the previous link for all the jerseys. Two of these are not Soccer Jerseys. I haven’t changed the captions either.

What Athletico Bilbao were thinking with this spilt tomato ketchup design is anyone's guess

Mexico goalkeeper Jorge Campos designed his own kits

Hull City FC are known as The Tigers - that's no excuse

This offering comes from Japanese side Shimizu S-Pulse

The grey Manchester United away shirt from 1995. The players complained that they were unable to see each other

This is genuinely a football shirt - used some time ago by Colorado Caribous in the US

Dundee United

Manchester United's away kit from 1992

This jersey is of a Rugby team.

The Stade Français 'third' shirt from a couple of seasons ago was the subject of much ridicule

In the boxing ring Naseem Hamed sported Tarzan style shorts

Finally Andre Agassi, looking at this I feel people are not justified in criticizing my bad dressing sense!

Believe it or not US tennis player Andre Agassi was considered something of a style icon - this picture was taken in 1990

Stay tuned for more.

Arsenal 2-1 Barcelona

For those who missed the action.

I picked up some funny jokes going around about this match.

1) Looking back at that first-half performance, perhaps it was a mistake to give the Arsenal fans white flags to wave before kick-off.

2) An Arsenal fan proposed to his girlfriend on the pitch at half-time. Apparently, he was inspired to do so by watching Xavi and Iniesta run rings round his team’s midfield.

3) The second half turn-around was as brilliant as it was unexpected. Surely not even Arsene Wenger would have seen it coming (although that’s not saying much – he hasn’t admitted to seeing anything at a football match for the past 15 years). (A potshot at Arsene Wenger’s usual comment “I did not see it”)

4) Then again, you would expect a team built on a foundation of Busquets to crumble under pressure…

5) It was a mixed performance from Leo Messi, who had such a bad game in front of goal that Roman Abramovich(Chelsea Owner) is considering putting in a £50million bid for him in the summer.

6) Cesc Fabregas refused to get carried away after the game, telling reporters: “It was an unexpected result, but I’m sure we can turn it around in the second leg.” (This one is worthy of George W. Bush)

7) The Arsenal skipper was quick to swap shirts at the end of the game though. Apparently, Cesc wanted a Barcelona away shirt to go with the home one Pepe Reina gave him after the World Cup.

8 ) The big positive for Arsenal: Barcelona have ended their interest in Cesc Fabregas. Unfortunately they now want to sign Jack Wilshere…

Picked it up from It is written by Dan Silver.

Conversation between Arsene Wenger and Pep Guardiola

I know some of my friends are going to blast me for posting this. I just felt that we can all do with some laugh :).

This is supposed to be a conversation between Josep Guardiola and Arsène Wenger discussing Cesc Fàbregas’s future. Not sure it ever happen.

Guardiola: Hello?

Wenger: Yes. This is Arsene Wenger.

Guardiola: Oh, hello, Arsene. How are-

Wenger: Do not speak while I am speaking!

Guardiola: …I’m sorry.

Wenger: Yes. Now. Did you receive our letter?

Guardiola: Uh, you mean the one that said “Cesc is ours” in what I’m hoping is ketchup and then had what looked like a drawing of me getting impaled by all six of Barcelona’s trophies?

Wenger: Yes, that would be the one.

Guardiola: Yeah, I got that.

Wenger: So will you stop your pursuit of my captain?

Guardiola: We’re not pursuing him. If he wants to play for us, we’d love to have him. But that’s where it ends.

Wenger: Cesc is ours! Stop being so perfect with your Don Johnson beard and non-puffy coats!

Guardiola: Excuse me?

Wenger: No! No excuse you! You have enough great players — I have Cesc, Arshavin, and then 20 children who are so young they don’t even remember the movie Kindergarten Cop! How can they not know Kindergarten Cop?!

Guardiola: Uh, I don’t know, Arsene.

Wenger: You have no idea how bad it is. You win trophies like…I don’t know — you just win a lot of trophies! The last time I won a trophy it was from The Children’s Foundation because I have so many kids they thought I was running a freaking daycare center. And I’m not running a daycare center! Theo Walcott can cut his own food!

Guardiola: Well, I’m sorry, Arsene. But it’s really up to Cesc. If he wants to leave, he wants to leave.

Wenger: I know, but I have a plan for that.

Guardiola: What plan?

Wenger: Finger paintings. The rest of the lads are making him so many finger paintings that he couldn’t possibly leave them. Have you ever been presented with a finger painting by a child? It melts your heart like a monkey brain on a radiator.

Guardiola: That was a weird analogy, but OK. Anyway, I should be going. Thanks for the call, Arsene.

Wenger: Goodbye, Peppy. And remember — you plus Cesc equals a one way ticket to Ouchtown. And I’m the captain of the Ear Punch Express. OK?

[Guardiola hung up 10 minutes ago]

It is not an original post, I picked it up from this yahoo page.

Over the top announcer

This video is from the final day of the 2006 – 07 season, the focus was on soon-to-be-departed David Beckham and Roberto Carlos, but José Antonio Reyes, brought from the bench for injured Beckham, netted twice as Real came from behind to beat RCD Mallorca and claim yet another La Liga title.

In the audience were Tom Cruise and Rafael Nadal cheering for Real Madrid. The commentator seemed to be in a very emotional mood. Check the video out.

hint : Wait till you see Tom Cruise and listen to all hell break loose.(47th second)