Review: Prisoners

Keller Dover (Hugh Jackman) is a deeply religious man with two children and a loving wife Grace Dover (Maria Bello). He runs a struggling carpentry business. He attends a Thanksgiving dinner with his family at the house of their neighbors, the Birches. After dinner, the families’ young daughters, Anna Dover and Joy Birch, go missing. Previously an RV was seen parked in the neighborhood which is later found outside a gas station next to a wooded area. When Detective Loki (Jake Gyllenhaal) confronts Alex Jones (Paul Dano), the RV’s driver, Jones tries to speed away but crashes into the trees.

Alex is revealed during his interrogation to have the approximate I.Q. of a ten-year-old and is released due to lack of evidence. With no other leads to follow and his daughter missing for days Keller Dover decides to take the matter into his hands.

Hugh Jackman is very convincing playing an angry father, dealing with kidnapping of his daughter and the conflict with his faith. In fact this performance of Hugh Jackman’s is the best I have seen from him till date. Jake Gyllenhaal effortlessly essays the role of a detective struggling to crack the case. Jake Gyllenhaal performance comes a close second to that of Hugh Jackman’s.

There are numerous twist and turns in the movie and most of which are totally unexpected and adds to the mystery. There are no mindless action scenes to pull the movie back. Prisoners‘ asks too many uncomfortable questions like is it fair to do bad things to others because you have been wronged?.

There have been movies with similar theme, before Prisoners. But it is the execution that makes Prisoners watchable. That combined with the performances of the lead actors takes the movie to higher ground. Prisoners is a good movie to watch. But it is not a movie meant for everybody, you need to be patient and wait for the dots to connect and after that all your questions will be answered. My suggestion is simple don’t miss it!

Little Trivia from IMDB
Hugh Jackman portrays a father whose daughter is kidnapped and missing in this film. He was originally attached to play a similar role in The Lovely Bones, but dropped out. That role was filled by ‘Mark Wahlberg‘, who at one point was attached to play the lead role in this film.


Review: Rush

Rush is a movie based on F1 and movies on F1 are a rare breed. In fact this is just the second movie to be based on F1 after critically acclaimed Senna, a British 2010 documentary film that depicts the life and death of Brazilian motor-racing champion, Ayrton Senna. The biggest positive about Rush is that unlike most other sports based movie, the director has ensured that the movie isn’t biased. No judgement is passed about anybody.

James Hunt is flamboyant, carefree and wants to enjoy every moment of his life while Niki Lauda is very calculated, meticulous and very blunt. The film is all about the clash of these two personalities and their beliefs.

Chris Hemsworth as James Hunt is very convincing. But it is Daniel Brühl as Niki Lauda, who steals the show. The performance by other actors are also good. One of the fringe benefits of watching the movie is that you would get to see some old F1 cars.

The best part of the movie is right at the end when the two men agree to disagree and Niki Lauda admitting that James was one of the few friends he had and one among the fewer men he respected despite all the conflicts and issues they had!

Rush has right mix of drama, adventure, humour and inspiration. On the flip side, there are exaggerations in terms of death rates and crash probability during 1970’s in F1.

Let me admit it, I am a F1 fanatic. I have read a lot about 1976 F1 season and yet I had a thrill of a ride. Although Rush is not at the same level as Senna.This movie is a must watch for all F1 fans! In fact you don’t need to know anything about F1 to enjoy Rush. If you like a story which has drama and inspiration, you can watch Rush. Because at times it feels like this rivalry was always meant to be a movie!

NSA Recruitment Drive – University of Wisconsin

The National Security Agency visited the University of Wisconsin on a recruitment drive.

Madiha R Tahir, a journalist studying a language course at the university asked the recruiters a few uncomfortable questions about the activities of NSA. You can play the audio below to listen to it.

Windows 8 software update

Software Update on Windows 8

1. Go to Windows 8 Home screen by pressing the windows key.


Home Screen

2. Drag the mouse to left of the screen. An “>” and “-“ button will show up. Click the “-“ button.


“>” and “-” button. The “-” is highlighted in red

3. Click on “Settings” in the new tab that gets displayed.


Selecting “Settings”

4. Click on “Change PC settings” in the new tab.


Selecting “Change PC settings”

5. New “PC Settings” screen will open, scroll down to the bottom of the list and select “Windows Update” and click on “Check for updates now“.


Click on “check for updates”

6. OS will check for update.


Checking for updates.

7. If updates are available, you can directly download and install updates from the page. I had enabled auto-update on my machine.


Auto update

World War Z

Another zombie movie, if we ever have a zombie infestation we should know by now, exactly how to control the infestation or else we don’t deserve to survive!Aim for the head silly“! World War Z is planned to be a trilogy and it has been confirmed that the sequel will be in the offering.

Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt) is a former United Nations employee, he and his family is stuck in a traffic jam, when zombies attack people and those bitten by the zombies turn into zombie and attack people (nothing new here). Gerry Lane contacts his former UN colleague Thierry Umutoni and requests him to airlift his family.

They are rescued and brought to a U.S. Navy vessel in the Atlantic ocean. There a virologist, Dr. Andrew Fassbach, argues that the plague is caused by a virus, whose origin must be found in order for a vaccine to be developed. The naval commander tells Gerry that, because of his previous experience with UN in different conflict zones, he has to accompany Dr. Fassbach to outbreak’s source (which is in South Korea) or else he and his family will be evicted from the Vessel to fend for themselves.

With no other choice Gerry decides to travel to South Korea with Dr. Fassbach and few other soldiers. The team is attacked by the zombies and Dr. Fassbach accidentally kills himself. With Dr. Fassbach dead Gerry has to continue his investigation.

Some of the scenes involving zombies are really breathtaking but there are times during which I was reminded of the disaster movie named 2012. The movie revolves completely around Brad Pitt and he does a decent job of carrying the movie.

Unfortunately the zombies are not scary and it actually feels like watching an action movie rather than a horror movie. There are quite a few holes in the scripts. The ending also was a little abrupt for my liking.

As I said, this is not a horror movie. It looks more at human aspect of the infection (similar to 28 days later). Best part of the movie is that there is no let-up in the intensity.

Despite being a good movie 28 Days Later and Night of the Living Dead continue to be my favourite zombie movies.


Good thing about not having lots of work is that you can do what you want to do and the best part of working in a fairly big company is that there is always some event happening! Now mix these two together, on a day when you have no work you will not be bored, you will go attend some event. That has been my life for couple of weeks now!

On 30th May there was an event “Cancer Prevention” with special emphasis on Tobacco. Fortunately I don’t smoke but such was my not so busy work schedule I decided to attend it! and dragged my friend along. The start of the session wasn’t very pleasing for both of us since both of us were non-smokers and the Doctor conducting the session referred to the entire audience as smokers. It did hurt me for a while as I firmly believe in straight edge lifestyle.

What we were told cigarettes are made up of.

Some of the things I learned

1. Cigarette is just bad: It doesn’t matter how many cigarette you smoke, one cigarette a day can be as bad as one pack a day. End of the day it’s up to your body.

2. You may need help: It is not easy to quit smoking cold turkey. There were couple of people in the session who complained about health deterioration (nicotine withdrawal) after they quit smoking. So if you are going though it, you should consult a doctor. There are centres which help people in quitting smoking.

Managing nicotine withdrawal

3. Weight gain after quitting smoking: Tobacco suppresses hunger, so quite a few people put on weight after they have quit smoking. There was a real case discussed in the session, A six-year-old boy would eat Gutka on days he didn’t have enough money to purchase food. He said he didn’t feel hungry after eating Gutka.

When I was a kid, This Gary Lawyer’s song for used for anti-smoking campaign.

Mac OS X: Burining disc

There are many ways of burning a disc on Mac OS X. This is one of the way.

1. Insert an empty DVD/CD into the DVD tray/drive and wait till it mounts. Once it is mounted you would see an icon with name “Untitled DVD“. Drag and drop the contents to be burned into the icon.


2. Go to Finder Menu and select File -> Burn “Untitled DVD” …

3. Finder will, throw up a dialog asking for Disc Name and Burning Speed. For Disc Name give an appropriate name and for Burning Speed keep the default value or set the maximum speed available. Click the “Burn” button.


4. A progress dialog will be shown for the burn process.


5. DVD/CD icon will be replaced by the locked folder icon.

1. If you cancel while the disc is being burned, the CD/DVD will be incomplete and unreliable. You should not use it.