Good thing about not having lots of work is that you can do what you want to do and the best part of working in a fairly big company is that there is always some event happening! Now mix these two together, on a day when you have no work you will not be bored, you will go attend some event. That has been my life for couple of weeks now!

On 30th May there was an event “Cancer Prevention” with special emphasis on Tobacco. Fortunately I don’t smoke but such was my not so busy work schedule I decided to attend it! and dragged my friend along. The start of the session wasn’t very pleasing for both of us since both of us were non-smokers and the Doctor conducting the session referred to the entire audience as smokers. It did hurt me for a while as I firmly believe in straight edge lifestyle.

What we were told cigarettes are made up of.

Some of the things I learned

1. Cigarette is just bad: It doesn’t matter how many cigarette you smoke, one cigarette a day can be as bad as one pack a day. End of the day it’s up to your body.

2. You may need help: It is not easy to quit smoking cold turkey. There were couple of people in the session who complained about health deterioration (nicotine withdrawal) after they quit smoking. So if you are going though it, you should consult a doctor. There are centres which help people in quitting smoking.

Managing nicotine withdrawal

3. Weight gain after quitting smoking: Tobacco suppresses hunger, so quite a few people put on weight after they have quit smoking. There was a real case discussed in the session, A six-year-old boy would eat Gutka on days he didn’t have enough money to purchase food. He said he didn’t feel hungry after eating Gutka.

When I was a kid, This Gary Lawyer’s song for used for anti-smoking campaign.


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