Mac OS X: Burining disc

There are many ways of burning a disc on Mac OS X. This is one of the way.

1. Insert an empty DVD/CD into the DVD tray/drive and wait till it mounts. Once it is mounted you would see an icon with name “Untitled DVD“. Drag and drop the contents to be burned into the icon.


2. Go to Finder Menu and select File -> Burn “Untitled DVD” …

3. Finder will, throw up a dialog asking for Disc Name and Burning Speed. For Disc Name give an appropriate name and for Burning Speed keep the default value or set the maximum speed available. Click the “Burn” button.


4. A progress dialog will be shown for the burn process.


5. DVD/CD icon will be replaced by the locked folder icon.

1. If you cancel while the disc is being burned, the CD/DVD will be incomplete and unreliable. You should not use it.


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