Good bye dear friends

Life at time is so cruel, you never know what is going to happen? One moment your loved once are there with you and the next they are taken away. When you meet somebody for the first time, you don’t know what kind of impact that person will have on your life. On 25th May four of my friends passed away in a road accident. I hadn’t met them in last few years but there were so full of life. Knowing those guys I am pretty sure they would be sad, looking at us sad. I don’t want to write about how sad I am, that I lost my friends. There are so many happy memories with these guys. Whenever I remember a friend I have this incident from our past that flashes by which makes me blush. I want to share such moments I had with these guys.

Back in the days I didn’t know these guys were going to play an important role in my life for four years that I am gonna miss them so badly.

Shushruth A S
Of the four guys Shushruth was the first person I met. We were introduced by a common friend in the library of Govinda Dasa Pre University College. At that time, Shushruth was a thin, short guy. We exchanged hello and didn’t see each other for the next 4 months, till we met each other some again. It was our first day in PA College of Engineering and back in the day I wasn’t very comfortable with everything to do with Mangalore. I always felt like an outsider. Our Graphics lecturer took us to the Graphics room on the first day. I felt completely lost. I wasn’t able to see any familiar face in the crowd. There were already small groups forming of previously classmate and I was all alone. When the lecturer walked out after showing the room. There in the corner stood a tall thin guy, smiling at me. He was Shushruth my first friend in PACE. Every time I think of Shushruth I remember that day. The smile on his face was so assuring that I no longer felt like an outsider in the college. What followed was four years of fun.

His birthday was one day after mine. We never forgot to wish each on our birthdays.

Shushruth A S

Shushruth A S

Sreekanth Anakala
By the time I first met Sreekanth, he already had a nick name “CD Sreekanth“. The nick name was funny because the guy who named him couldn’t differentiate between a floppy and CD. Sreekanth always carried a floppy and this friend thought it was CD and started calling him CD Sreekanth. I used to call him chiku, I don’t know why?

He was one of his kind. He would normally be the first person to ask for party and always take the least expensive item in the menu. There was this time in first semester when he stole Vinush’s gmail password. 6 months later after the last exams of the second semester Vinush and I stole Sreekanth’s password. Back in the day, gmail and orkut (social networking site) had the same password. Vinush and I sent messages to unknown people from his account. When he came to know, he changed his password and laughed it off and never said a single angry word. That was Sreekanth: Simple, Humble, Carefree and a brotherly friend.

Sreekanth Anakala

Sreekanth Anakala

Yogesh R
A dear friend. The first time we met we argued because he was sitting in my place. But his sitting in my place meant I got to sit next to Padmaraj who went on become one of my dearest friend. Over the years Yogesh and I became friends. I remember bunking classes and going to his hostel room to watch movies. Yogesh would be sleeping when we watched movies. He hardly attended classes during our final semester. He would show his face only during the internals and final exams. I always remember this incident, He went to check his Distributed Operating System blue book. The Lecturer didn’t recognize and asked

Lecturer “Who are you?”
Yogesh coolly replied “I am Yogesh R”
Lecturer said “I never seen you before.”
Yogesh said “I don’t create any problems in the class”
Lecturer said “Aren’t you the one who talks a lot during classes”
Yogesh said “That is the other Yogesh, not me. Can I check my blue books.”

I remember Mahesh, me and Yogesh laughing hysterically outside the staff room after the incident. We couldn’t believe Yogesh was able to out smart the lecturer so easily.

Yogesh R

Yogesh R

Sarfaraz Ahmed
I met Sarfaraz in 3rd semester. When our HOD decided to dump all the guys into single class room which by the way was complete disaster. Sarfaraz by then was running an ultra cool low profile gang of his own. We would have this combined Mathematics class with SA Khan. I was passed somebody bag to pass on and I passed it. Minutes later my bag is missing and SA Khan asks everyone to take their calculators out and my bag is missing. He finds me without a calculator and gives me a lecturer. It turned out that I had passed Sarfaraz’s bag and in turn he hid my bag. This incident still makes me laugh. Sarfaraz was always full of energy and life.

Over the years he had helped lots of friends. I never needed his help, but if ever I needed his help I knew I would have got it.

 Sarfaraz Ahmed

Sarfaraz Ahmed

The best way to do things is to constantly move forward and to never doubt anything and keep moving forward, if you make a mistake say you made a mistake.


It was a pleasure to know these guys. Hope they find peace. They will stay alive in all of us as some of the best memories of our lives. Life has to end. Love doesn’t. I hope their loved ones find the courage to go through this rough period


20 thoughts on “Good bye dear friends

  1. Well said dude..can remember all those crazy days…gta vice city times, dumb charades, bunking classes (after bunking most of us used to be in ahmed’s room right?), the pranks, birthday bumps… can’t believe our awesome friends are not with us anymore…

  2. Really a bad news! I hope their family finds the courage to handle such an incident. May their souls rest in peace!

  3. Last friday we came from mosque together i asked if he wants to cm to b’lore . he said No he might go 4 wedding.. and today sunday afterNoon I came to know that he is not with us. Though I am in M’lore I didnt even get chance to see him.. Still cant believe wat hap

  4. So precious are the times and memories we share with our friends… they will live in our hearts forever, but tears roll down our cheeks.. we realize each moment spent with our loved ones is a boon and each moment away from them is a curse

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