Movies you should be glad you missed in 2012!

I have only mentioned the movies I have seen. If you have seen other bad movies feel free to drop in their names

1. Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

Easily one of the worst movie I have seen in a long long time! I just couldn’t figure out whether it was an effort at making a serious movie! With a heavy-duty star cast this movie was a total disappointment. The story is as poor as ever but the biggest let down is the CGI part of the movie. Some of the scenes are pretty confusing it looked like the directory wasn’t sure whether he wanted to make a serious movie or a movies for kids. In the end he achieved neither.

2. A Thousand Words

I agree 2012 started on a very bad note. I started with Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance and happen to watch A Thousand Words. Unfortunately the movie didn’t make me laugh, as can be seen from reviews of the movie it didn’t make many laugh. Movie was a complete waste of time. Eddie Murphy‘s trademark expressions stood out as odd thanks to the bad script.

3. Wrath of the Titans

I could find so many things wrong with this movie from the Greek mythology point of view, but that is a different story. The movie carries the rebellion theme of Clash of the Titans but isn’t as good as Clash of the Titans. I admit Clash of the Titans wasn’t a great movie but this one isn’t very close to it. Some how the movies has a mechanical feel to it and you don’t connect with any of the characters. One time watch at best of times.

4. That`s My Boy

One word to describe this movie is boring. Everyone is sleeping with everyone else! I have enjoyed quite a few of Adam Sandler‘s older movie but this one would most definitely go into his growing list of bad movies. As one person puts it. Movie is real drag if you missed it you just got lucky.

5. Battleship

Another disappointing movie. While it is similarly themed to Battle: Los Angeles, but this movie isn’t as good as Battle: LA. With a super star cast this movie was a big disaster. As one reviewer put it “Battleship” doesn’t sink, really. It just sits there booming endlessly as you look on aghast.

I didn’t mention John Carter in the list because I felt that the movie was better than these movies and I was really tempted to add The Lorax and Journey 2: The Mysterious Island. The problem with The Lorax was that I had read the book “The Lorax” by Dr. Seuss and just felt that the movie had mutilated the book. The main character Lorax was turned into a joke! Journey 2 the Mysterious Island was all about graphics and nothing else.

If you feel like I missed out on watching any bad movie I 2012 Please let me know. I want to feel lucky for a while!


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