Will to death

We listen to their music and love them. But do we understand the process of being creative? Have you ever wondered what motivates them to create great music album after album or the meaning of the phrase “the will to death“? John Frusciante has explained it all and it’s a long read that’s absolutely worth your attention.

John Frusciante

John Frusciante

In artistic symbolism, one comes close to death, and not only does he not die, but he lives more fully for having had the experience. It may be conceived as a set of musical/mathematical formulae which the musician utilizes without knowing it.

The creative force is produce of the life force, but our judgement of the life force is based on our perception of its effects, its surface, everything that happens in the external world we know.

To read the entire post visit John Frusciante’s post @ The Creative Act


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