Exporting Apple Developer Certificate

According to Apple only an Agent can generate and download the developer certificates. Once the certificates are installed in a machine it can be shared with other users. KeyChain Access application has a simple feature for exporting the certificates.

Steps involved in exporting the Apple Developer Certificates.
1. Go to “/Applications/Utilities/” and Launch Keychain Access.app
2. Click on the “Certificates” Tab

3. Select “Developer ID Installer: My Company” certificate.
4. Right Click on the certificate and select Export “Developer ID Installer: My Company”

5. A dialog would appear select Personal Information Exchange (.p12) format and give the certificate an identifiable name. By default the new certificate will be saved in Documents folder.

6. Keychain Access application would ask for a password. Enter a password, this password would be asked when you try to install the certificate on the other machine. So remember the password!

Your certificate would have been exported to the selected folder (By default the “Documents” Folder). Repeat the same steps to export “Developer ID Application: My Company.

While exporting Developer ID Certification Authority certificate Keychain Access access would not ask for the password and the File Format should be Certificate (.cer).

Installing the certificate
Double click on the exported certificate. Keychain Access application will launch and display a dialog asking for the password. Enter the password set in step 6.

That is it for this post! You now know to export and install Apple Developer certificate.


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