My mistake!

I took to blogging because I though it would be fun. I must admit it has been an interesting experience. I enjoy writing but I also enjoy reading what other people say. If I like a post I don’t forget to write comments. One blog that I used to enjoy reading is Plan Your Investment. It basically has loads of information on financial stuff that my small skull cannot easily comprehend (normally it never goes in) but I still make it a point to read through every post religiously. Just in case I could save some money on taxes!

Some time back the blogger Krishna (of Plan Your Investment) had written about Employee Provident Fund. It basically dealt with EPF (Employee Provident Fund) Office sending EPF account balance information via sms. EPF office happens to be one government office that I have visited the most in the recent past. It’s been 4 trips and the results have been depressing. Even the guys at the reception tend to recognize me now! I don’t know whether it’s a problem with the government office or it’s just my dumb luck. I will write about it some other day.

Anyway coming back to the topic at hand, I had some questions so I posted my queries and got reply too. But the problem was I had ticked a box indicating that I should receive a mail if somebody post a comment on the post. I was interested in the author’s comment and normally most of his posts doesn’t get lots of comments, but this post was different. Well TBH it was one of the funniest mistake I have ever done!

Every since that day I get mails with silly queries and requests in it. It looks like people don’t really read they drop by write to their heart’s content and hope for a miracle. Unfortunately Plan Your Investment website isn’t EPF Office website nor does it have any connection to EPF Office, So in this case there won’t be any miracles!

Thanks to these folks, I have had to reconsider my policies a bit. I had two options

Option #1

No Comments

I either do the above “No Comments” for all the posts.

Option #2

Don’t click option 1.

I should make sure that I never ever click “Notify me of following comments via e-mail” option. I have decided to go with Option #2.

These days I am hoping for a miracle, I wake up in the morning and pray that there aren’t any mails regarding EPF! I have got close to 240 mails on this in my inbox. Proof attached below.

My Bane

This post has become my Bane!


8 thoughts on “My mistake!

  1. Hello Visvesh,

    You should be able to unsubscribe to the mails. Did you try it?
    I could help you in resolving the problem.

    Btw, I am subscribing to this post.


  2. Hey Vish , its a pity that u had a terrible time with follow up mails . the comments in that blog are from idiots ..they themselves can check the pf balance in the site …. n there posting the details account. But that website to check the balance is also a waste …..coz the pf account details are updated only till 31-03-2011

    • I agree. Just search for Employee Provident Fund office address and in web-sites where the address is mentioned, You will see few comments like these. It’s sad because Krishna writes good stuff and then these people ruin everything.

      Now if tomorrow somebody would ask a valid question, it would be lost in all those garbage comments.

      • Hi Visvesh,

        You are correct. But, it can not be avoided in the Internet world, that too in India because how many knows what is a blog?

        Using a word idiots is more brutal, because I too answer hundreds of questions in my blog even though it is simple. Those who ask questions like this, not having enough knowledge on how approach a blog or use the websites.


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