Ice Age: Continental Drift

It hasn’t started raining in Bangalore yet and it’s Ice Age time again. This is the third sequel to the original Ice Age. The weird herd is back, which means another road trip is in the offering! Not sure how many of you have realized yet that Ice Age is basically a per-historic road trip movie. Due credit to the makers of Ice Age, it’s hard to make movie based on single theme (road trip) but Ice Age has managed to retain our attention.

Ice Age 4 Continental Drift poster

Back to the movie at hand, We have seen the herd on a trip three-time before this:

• First time to return a human baby back to its parent.
• Second time to escape the meltdown and Manny finds love.
• Third time to rescue Sid.
• This time Manny needs to find his family and may be just may be the ‘big softie’ Diego might fall in love.

I happen to watch a trailer of Ice Age: Continental Drift in a theater and I liked what I saw. Due to the continental drift Manny is separated from his family. Manny, Sid and Diego set out on a journey to reunite Manny with his family.

This is the trailer I had seen.

A bonus Trailer!

For more details on the movie and to book tickets please click on Ice Age: Continental Drift.

I am waiting to watch this one. Trying to put together a weird herd to watch the other weird herd in action!.


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