Another disappointing week for the Arsenal fans. It looks like the wheels are coming off Arsenal’s wagon again. I just hope they hold on to win some trophy this year. Since we are talking about soccer I happen to come across this link, it had a list of worst Jerseys. I have picked up few from there. Please refer to the previous link for all the jerseys. Two of these are not Soccer Jerseys. I haven’t changed the captions either.

What Athletico Bilbao were thinking with this spilt tomato ketchup design is anyone's guess

Mexico goalkeeper Jorge Campos designed his own kits

Hull City FC are known as The Tigers - that's no excuse

This offering comes from Japanese side Shimizu S-Pulse

The grey Manchester United away shirt from 1995. The players complained that they were unable to see each other

This is genuinely a football shirt - used some time ago by Colorado Caribous in the US

Dundee United

Manchester United's away kit from 1992

This jersey is of a Rugby team.

The Stade Français 'third' shirt from a couple of seasons ago was the subject of much ridicule

In the boxing ring Naseem Hamed sported Tarzan style shorts

Finally Andre Agassi, looking at this I feel people are not justified in criticizing my bad dressing sense!

Believe it or not US tennis player Andre Agassi was considered something of a style icon - this picture was taken in 1990

Stay tuned for more.


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