Arsenal 2-1 Barcelona

For those who missed the action.

I picked up some funny jokes going around about this match.

1) Looking back at that first-half performance, perhaps it was a mistake to give the Arsenal fans white flags to wave before kick-off.

2) An Arsenal fan proposed to his girlfriend on the pitch at half-time. Apparently, he was inspired to do so by watching Xavi and Iniesta run rings round his team’s midfield.

3) The second half turn-around was as brilliant as it was unexpected. Surely not even Arsene Wenger would have seen it coming (although that’s not saying much – he hasn’t admitted to seeing anything at a football match for the past 15 years). (A potshot at Arsene Wenger’s usual comment “I did not see it”)

4) Then again, you would expect a team built on a foundation of Busquets to crumble under pressure…

5) It was a mixed performance from Leo Messi, who had such a bad game in front of goal that Roman Abramovich(Chelsea Owner) is considering putting in a £50million bid for him in the summer.

6) Cesc Fabregas refused to get carried away after the game, telling reporters: “It was an unexpected result, but I’m sure we can turn it around in the second leg.” (This one is worthy of George W. Bush)

7) The Arsenal skipper was quick to swap shirts at the end of the game though. Apparently, Cesc wanted a Barcelona away shirt to go with the home one Pepe Reina gave him after the World Cup.

8 ) The big positive for Arsenal: Barcelona have ended their interest in Cesc Fabregas. Unfortunately they now want to sign Jack Wilshere…

Picked it up from It is written by Dan Silver.


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