Past few days of my life

Last few days have been really great. Things have gone very smoothly. Last few days have also been completely sports filled. The US Open, Italian Grand Prix, Champions League Twenty20 and EPL(English Premier League). What more can a sports fan ask for?

I would like to point out some of the happy and disappointing moments of last few days.


Happy Moments 🙂

1. Fernando Alonso taking pole position in Italian Grand Prix.

2. Arsenal defeated Bolton Wanderers, Arsenal 4-1 Bolton Wanderers.

Arsenal's captain Cesc Fábregas, was the deserved man of the match

3. This is going to make some of my friends angry, A three all draw between Everton and Manchester United, which meant Manchester United dropped two points and left Arsenal at second place behind Chelsea.

4. In cricket Chennai Super Kings defeated Central Districts comprehensively in Champions League Twenty20 match.

5. And last but not the least Rafael Nadal made it to his first US Open final.


1. Fernando Alonso wins Italian Grand Prix and jumps into third place in driver’s Championship

2. Royal Challengers Bangalore trashed Guyana in Champions League Twenty20.

Please see the disappointment section. 😦


1. Nadal wins US open to complete “Career Golden Slam“(Winning the four Grand Slams and a gold medal in tennis at the Summer Olympics). Only Steffi Graf and Andre Agassi have achieved it before Nadal. Roger Federer is considered to have achieved only a Career Grand Slam since his Gold Medal at the Olympics was in men’s doubles. He also joined an illustrious group consisting of six others who have won all the four grand slams(Career Grand Slam). Read this.

Nadal with US Open trophy

2. Last but definitely not the least, This is my post number 100. 🙂


Now that I have spoken about all the happy sporting events. Let me take you to couple of not so good events


Disappointing Moments 😦
1. Mumbai Indian lost to narrowly to Lions by 9 runs.

Although I am a Rafael Nadal fan, I would give up anything to watch Nadal and Roger Federer battle it out in a Grand Slam finals. So it was disappointing to see Federer lose to Novak Djokovic.

US Open Final being delayed by rains.


Note : The US open days are different because of the time difference.


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