Roger Federer’s new trick

Tennis great Roger Federer added a new trick to his bag of repertoire.

I am a die-hard fan of Rafael Nadal and I still found this impressive.

This video was part of a Gillette commercial shoot in Switzerland. There are talks of this being fake. I for one believe it is fake. Fortunately Federer cannot use this server in a Tennis match, since it is not legal.

Here is an article on this issue. I have voted for fake! If Federer could serve like this, he can easily move on to shooting sports.

Jokes apart, I must say we are very lucky to watch Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer play against each other. It is a little over-whelming to think what Federer would have achieved if Nadal wasn’t around. The same applies to Nadal if Federer wasn’t around.


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