English in college

I need to thank Mahesh for preserving these quotes and sending it to me last month. That said, it was still a tough task to understanding what Mahesh had written in the papers he had scanned.

I have put some of the quotes I liked here.

1. Those you are shouting while I am turning in board, will never come up in my life.

2. Till where till I come.

3. Show it to me on the staff room.

4. Get one buy one free (Instead of buy one get one free).

5. While I am turning to board those who are talking … they will never succeed in life.

6. If 120 persons coming in one hour, then how many people coming in one day
Solution : 120/24 = 5 persons

(I got blasted for saying 120 X 24 = 2880. He even threatened to throw me out of the class.)

7. Marks will be will not be given.

8. Log out from your login

9. If you make noise, I will make noise nonsense thing scolding you.

10. Tomorrow never comes.

Here are the scanned image, if you want to go through the entire list.

It took me time understanding it.

He used to write this to make sure that he wouldn’t fall asleep in the class and his handwriting explains his grades. TBH my handwriting is no better

P.S. : Thank you very much Mahesh. First time in my life I heard my mom say “Your handwriting is better”!

I pinched myself and realized that I wasn’t dreaming. Keep up the good work and please don’t improve your handwriting.


6 thoughts on “English in college

  1. swear it.. !!! How i wish we cud just get back to col.. this professional life is getting monotonous already.. was just excited in the beginning..

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