Hungarian GP

Mark Webber scored his fourth win of 2010 in the Hungarian Grand Prix.

He hit the front by staying out of the pits during an early safety car period, then built up enough of a gap to keep his lead ahead of Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel

His team-mate(Sebastian Vettel) was delayed by a drive-through penalty for failing to stay close enough to Webber behind the safety car which ruined Red Bull racing’s chances of a 1-2.

There were few incidents during the race.

The safety car came out after Vitantonio Liuzzi lost part of his front wing and almost every car came into the pits at once. Webber was a significant exception, Red Bull gambling on him being able to build up enough of a gap over Alonso once the race had resumed to leapfrog the Ferrari.

But the busy pit lane had dangerous consequences. Nico Rosberg’s Mercedes shed its right-rear wheel, flinging it towards dozens of mechanics. It struck one Williams mechanic, but mercifully his injuries were light.

There was more chaos. Renault released Robert Kubica out of his pit box as Adrian Sutil ahead was swinging in to his.

Renault and Mercedes were fined for pit-stop errors. Read More

With Hamilton retiring and not scoring any points the drivers championship has been thrown wide open now.


Driver Points
Mark Webber 161
Lewis Hamilton 157
Sebastian Vettel 151
Jenson Button 147
Fernando Alonso 141
Felipe Massa 97
Nico Rosberg 94
Robert Kubica 89
Michael Schumacher 38
Adrian Sutil 35

It looks like the top five drivers are going to fight it out for the drivers championship. But you never know as Alonso put it.

I don’t know what the gap is now, if Mark is leading now. Twenty points? I don’t know. Two races ago it was 47 before Germany, so after Germany and Hungary we have reduced half of the gap which was important for us as we enter August and four weeks’ break with less than 47 points which was too big a gap to recover. Now, twenty is still a lot, especially because we know how competitive Red Bull is, we know how competitive McLaren is.

As in the case of Alonso, couple of bad races for the top 5 drivers will throw open the gate for likes of Felipe Massa, Nico Rosberg and Robert Kubica.

There could be some bad news in store for Red Bull Racing. FIA has announced that they are investigating the flexing front wing of the Red Bull car. Read More

With 7 races to go and a break of 4 weeks till the next race, it looks like this season is going down to the wire.


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