Bunking Brothers – the inspiration

This is a sequel to the not so famous Bunking Brothers-the beginning.I am hoping this post would do better than it’s predecessor.

Bunking Brothers always sought their inspiration to bunk classes from two separate events. The first event happens in the college and the other in a movie theater. I will take you to the first event first.

Inspiration in the college
Back then the Bunking brothers consisted of 3 members and were formed couple of weeks ago but the group wasn’t bunking regularly. The problem was they had no motive to bunk, there was nothing to convince them that bunking classes was better than attending classes. It was in this critical situation, this incident occurred providing our friends, the bunking brothers with much-needed inspiration which they went on to exploit so gloriously.

It was another Management class, same old senseless lecture. Management classes were always boring and to that adding a professor who didn’t know the subject either made a killer boring combination. While others complained the bunking brothers took matter into their hands and started bunking classes.

It was a normal day by Mangalore(Kudla) standard not too hot but warm enough to make you sweat. For some reason the professor was in great spirit and he was explaining the topic Inspiration. He started the lesson and gave some vague definitions of inspiration and finally started up on a story. It was nothing unusual, he would always start with a story which would leave the students clueless regarding why he mentioned it in the first place.

This is his story

Few years back I used to work in Mumbai. It had been weeks since I had taken leave.
(Mahesh was thinking : including Sunday’s )
So I decided to take a day of and I went to the railway station
(Vishvesh was thinking :Of all the places in Mumbai, you had to go a railway station to spend time. Come on you can come up with a better twist to the story).
I sat there eating ground nuts and watching people go about doing their work. I felt a bit of guilt for not doing anything. There were porters carrying luggage, there were tea vendors selling tea, there was a TC(Ticket Collector) checking tickets and a beggar was begging for money and I was sitting there doing nothing.
(Nishanth was thinking :I see beggars everyday in Mangalore Railway station. It makes me feel like I am wasting my father’s money listening to your story).
The professor continued with his story, I felt ashamed, I canceled by holiday and went back to work. This is inspiration and I hope it inspires you too.
(There was a look of disbelief in everyone’s eyes. Vishvesh turned around and looked at Mahesh, who in turn looked at Nishanth and there were smiles on their faces. They knew it, they had found their inspiration)

Inspiration in a movie theater
The second incident revolves around the movie Guru. Half of the bunking brothers(Mahesh and Vishvesh) decided to watch the movie Guru with the helper Ashish. The business logic of Mr. Gurukanth Desai effected both Vishvesh and Mahesh. They decided to concentrate on making double profit in college and came with their philosophy.

1. Bunking unwanted classes and having fun in college.
2. Since they would have had fun in college they would spend time studying at home.

They followed the first rule very religiously, bunking classes whenever they got chance but the second rule was followed only during the exams. Well that explains the marks they got in the exams!

Stay tuned for more adventures of the bunking brothers.


3 thoughts on “Bunking Brothers – the inspiration

  1. I know because of that professor I am compelled to read your post (doing nothing in office, but unfortunately you were inspired by that professor).

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