World cup soothsayers

This world cup has been surprising thanks to ‘Paul’ the octopus. But fortunately he is not the only one trying his luck with Football world cup. I was browsing through the web and came across other animals and also a bird predicting the results of the final and third place play off. I have made a list here

1. ‘Paul’ the octopus


Born in England, Weymouth to be precise and he moved from the town’s Sea Life Park in 2006 to Germany. He is loved by few and hated by few others(mainly Argentinians). He currently hold a 6-0 record. With results of two predictions yet to be verified. He predicts Spain is going to win the world cup.

2. ‘Mani’ the parakeet

Mani with M Muniyappan

Mani the parakeet (or parrot as we know them in India) is an astrologer’s assistant in Singapore’s Little India and has become quite the local celebrity when he correctly predicted the outcome of the quarterfinal ties as well as the semifinals. He predicts Holland is going to win the world cup.

3. ‘Harry’ the crocodile

Supposed to be Harry. Am not sure.

Harry, a 700-kg crocodile living in a Darwin crocodile park on Saturday backed Paul the octopus in picking Spain to win the World Cup. The crocodile took less than a minute to decide and launch itself out of the water to eat a chicken dangling under a Spanish flag rather than one hanging from a Dutch flag.

Mick Burns, owner of Crocosaurus Cove, told the Northern Territory News he got the idea from watching Paul, an octopus in Germany that has successfully picked the result of every German game in the World Cup.

Paul also predicted Spain to beat the Netherlands in Sunday’s final.

But Harry’s betting style is different. The crocodile thrashed around for some time to wrest the chicken from the line bearing the Spanish flag.

“That means it’s going to be a close and aggressive game with a 1-0 result for Spain,” Burns said.

4. My turn
Finally it is my turn to predict the result. I believe in the fact that History repeats itself, my prediction is very simple if Germany wins the 3rd place play-offs Spain is going to win the world cup and if Uruguay wins the 3rd place play-offs Holland is going to win the cup. I hope Holland wins the cup. To back by weird theory I have these stats of the last 4 world cups

1. 1994 FIFA World Cup
2. 1998 FIFA World Cup
3. 2002 FIFA World Cup
4. 2006 FIFA World Cup

Last time this theory had failed was in 1990.

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