Building Froyo on Snow Leopard

There have been few changes in Froyo source code since this article was posted. Please Refer to this page for issues and solutions related to building Froyo on Snow Leopard.

My efforts of building Froyo on my Snow Leopard turned out to be a bit of anti-climax. I anticipated lots of errors but mercifully Android team has pulled up its socks, there weren’t any error. Bharat did the building on Linux and he had no issues either.

But I do have a complain, Froyo uses java 1.5 and not java 1.6. Android should move on to newer version of java. Anyway complains apart let me put down the steps.

I would like you to read my previous blog on building Building Eclair on Snow Leopard. There are 13 steps in that blog. Follow all the steps other than step number 4.

Once you have done that type
. build/
make -j2 sdk
and watch it fly.

I have attached few of the snap shots.

Up and Running


Oops camera crashed!!!!!

The camera crashed on both Linux and Macintosh. I have been told by a friend that it was crashing on the sdk released earlier.

Wow!!! Hindi, can't wait for other Indian languages to make it

Language : Hindi. But we still need Hindi strings for it.

I hope somebody puts in Hindi strings for Settings applications. I can’t tell much about performance since I was using the emulator.

Hopefully next release moves to Java 1.6 and we would actually have full pledged support for Hindi and other Indian languages.


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