First Step

Every journey, no matter how long it is, begins with a single step. Once we have taken that first step, each step after that takes us closer and closer to our goal. It sounds so cliché but in fact it is true.

Sometimes, when we consider taking on a new venture – whether it’s writing a book, beginning a new project, or anything else – the task can seem overwhelming. We feel as though we will never be able to arrive at our final destination.

There has been lots of instances in my professional career when I was given an SRS (Software Requirements Specification) of the new project and my first reaction would be like“you must be kidding, this is not possible” and I would spend almost the entire day thinking whether I can do it.

This normally happens when we look too far out towards the horizon, things may look very difficult. We might even wonder where to begin and might even give up.

The trick to success sounds very simplistic, because it is very simple: Just begin. Take a single step, followed by another, and then another. Don’t look too far out into the future, and don’t look too far back either. Stay centered in the present moment as best as you can. If we follow this simple plan, we will be amazed at what we can accomplish over time.

Mum is not going to be around to bail us out every time. This picture explains everything

Over and over again people plan about the book they are going to write, the project they are going to start, or the charity they are planning to help. But, in many instances, these plans and dreams keep getting put off until “the conditions are right”.

We would all agree that, in almost all the cases, the conditions we are waiting for will not be significantly different next week or next year. And even if the conditions are right the onus is always on us, because we are the one who have to complete the task.

I remember very well, late last year( in October 2009), I create my WordPress account to write blogs and for next 5 months I didn’t post anything. I kept waiting for the right day but the right day never came, till I finally decided to give it a serious shot and pushed myself to write my first post. Ever since that day, I haven’t waited for the right conditions.

This doesn’t mean that I am a reformed person now. I still have issues starting up on new things. But I try to take the first step.

So don’t worry about conditions not being perfect. The truth is, Even if the conditions are perfect, we still have to take that first step!

This is my 50th post and I would like to take this moment to thank everybody who have visited my blogs and have encouraged me to write.
Thanks guys


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