Bunking Brothers – the beginning

This is a story of 4 guys and deals primarily with their lives in Engineering College. Reading this wont help you become a better engineer, On the contrary it might ruin your studies and also your career. So read it for fun but don’t try to follow these guys. They were crazy and also lucky to get away with all the stuff they pulled out. In this post, I will be discussing the formation of a group . The group wasn’t famous in college nor very famous in the class. But that was the very fact that helped them skip classes without anybody knowing it. I will get on with the story.

The group consisted of four regular members Vishvesh, Mahesh, Nishanth and Yogesh. There were couple of helpers and one was Charan, he would at times cover up for bunking brothers. Although he never joined the group officially he was part of the gang. Then there was Ashish who would pass on the information about the classes. The group believed that classes were like jail.

For them class rooms were like prison cells

Nishanth alias the leader alias the grandmaster

The leader and founder of the group was Nishanth, He used to bunk classes and nobody would come to know. He was a one man army and clever enough to stay out of trouble. Even when he fell into any trouble he had the wits to bail himself out of it. He was so good that even when he had attendance shortage he escaped without a fine.

Vishvesh alias Bluff Master Joins Nishanth

Vishvesh knew Nishanth for 2 years and it never occurred to both of them that they could form a dream team. Both the guys were different, completely different. While Vishvesh was studies, Nishanth was adventurous. One day Nishanth had to go to Mangalore University(MU) to meet his cousin. It was Friday and college had extended launch break on Fridays, so that Muslim students could go to mosque to offer their prayers. Vishvesh had finished his lunch and was bored because none of his friends were around. So he volunteered to join Nishanth in his trip. So they went to MU. By the time they came back, they were 20 mins late and they decided to skip the class and watch a movie in the hostel. Vishvesh was introduced to the world of Nishanth for the first time. This is where it started. Vishvesh became a regular with Nishanth. He took Nishanth as the grand master and accepted his leadership. Soon they were to be joined my another member, his name was Mahesh.

Mahesh alias Movie Buff joins the group
It was a Thursday, HOD of the Computer Department was supposed to take a class and HOD was teaching management. HOD would very proudly claim that he was teaching the subject without knowing anything about the subject and said it was an art, a very special art to teach without knowing anything about the subject. As far as students were concerned it was loads of BS. So Vishvesh decided to go home instead of attending his lecture( he was supposed to take the lecture for 2 hours) and Vishvesh was promptly joined by Nishanth. When they were on their way out, Mahesh saw them, spoke to them for 5 minutes and they convinced him to join them for the day. Luckily for Mahesh, there was mobile checking in the class instead of a lecture on Management that day( The University under which the Bunking Brothers Studied didn’t allow the Engineering Students to carry Mobile phones to classes). And if students were found with a phone they would have to pay fine a to get it back. Mahesh had a mobile and an iPod in his bag and since he bunked class with the bunking brothers, he saved his mobile and the iPod. Next day on hearing the story of the previous day, he decided to join the gang permanently and Bunking brothers had 3 members. He went on to become one of the most important member of the gang. He was the one who named Nishanth as Grand Master, Vishvesh as Bluff master and Yogesh as sleeping master. The only title which was contestable was the title of Bluff master given to Vishvesh, since Mahesh could out bluff Vishvesh any day !!!

Final Member – Yogesh alias the Sleeping Master
Months later due to circumstances Bunking brothers were joined by another member Yogesh. The College management had decided to bring in NOC (No Objection Certificate). Students had to have NOC to get attendance in the class and the forms were to send to their homes. Vishvesh and Mahesh decided not to submit the form. Yogesh too decided to join them and decided to not give a NOC. The rule with NOC was simple, attendance would start from the day NOC was submitted to the HOD(Head of the department). So if one would submit it late he would not lose out on attendance. But could skip as many classes as needed. Yogesh went on to break all the records, Vishvesh and Mahesh had established in missing classes. He never came to college after that, despite the fact he stayed in the college hotel which meant he had to walk for less than 5 minutes to reach the college.

Now that the boring part of formation of the group is done, I will get on and try to write some of the exciting misadventures of the brothers. Stay tuned for the sequel of this post, I have tentatively named it “Bunking Brothers – the inspiration”


11 thoughts on “Bunking Brothers – the beginning

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    • I remember very well dude. You had asked me couple of times, “Why is Yogesh sleeping at 9:30 am”. When you guys would be coming out of your room to attend the classes we would be entering your room for bunking classes 🙂

    • Thanks Ashish. I am working with Mahesh to get things going, we have already decided on few of the topics. I will be posting the next one pretty soon.

      • hey guys .. im already working on the nagesh escape part … i will take some time to finish it .. im half way through .. shall finish the entire thing and mail it to u for corrections .. ok .. gimme some time for that ..

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  3. sorry guys .. i could not read the post earlier ..

    but its sweet .. thanks to vish ..
    and i hope u didn’t forward this to any of our professor’s.

    • It’s nice to have you around. It’s actually a team effort launched by me and Mahesh. It was Mahesh’s idea to write our memoir as blogs.

      We haven’t been brave enough to send it to any professors. Most probably it will never make it to any professor.

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