Night Outs

Night outs refers to being up all through the night. For normal people, it means partying and enjoying. But for few people belonging to a tribe called Software Engineer, it’s an ambiguous statement. I belong to this cursed tribe.

While we love night outs when it refers to partying, but there is another definition which is dreaded by people of our tribe. This refers to working all night long in our offices/cubicles. We avoid speaking about this, since few people in our tribe believe that speaking of evil brings evil luck. I don’t know whether I should believe it, I have faced this evil and have survived to tell the tale. Back then I didn’t speak of this evil and yet had to face it. So am trying my luck this time.

Most of us enjoy this.

I don't drink, so I can't enjoy this

But most of us hate this.

Atleast I don't enjoy working at night

The most embarrassing part of work-related night out is that, when we(my tribe members) say to our friends(outside of our tribe) that we had a night out the previous day(night), they would initially think we had fun and get angry that we enjoyed the previous night and didn’t invite them to join us, but on the contrary it would have been like a trip to hell to us. I hate it when they call this working at night as “Night Out“. It should be called something else, but I can’t come with a good name for it. It’s a kind of punishment meted to hard working people.

On serious note it’s not healthy for an employee and also the employer to allow night outs in workplace. I have listed down few of the pros and cons I could think of.

1. You can get the work done. This is the only positive thing I can think of.

1. It’s bad for employees health
2. Brings down employee morale
3. Employee Productivity the next day is low. There are companies which gives the day after the night out off, but most companies don’t. Which is unfair.
4. Productivity at night is low, when compared to morning.
5. Effects employees personal life
6. And in some cases convince him to quit the job.

Looking at the pros and cons, I feel cons out-weigh the pros. Night outs should be avoided as much as possible. I do understand that there are times when this can’t be avoided. But whenever it can be avoided, it should be avoided


3 thoughts on “Night Outs

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    • First time I did it I enjoyed the response I got the next day. But after that it was lame and boring. I even played chess and cricket with my friend during a night out.

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