Programming Language

It’s been nearly a week since my last post. I won’t say I was busy, it’s just that I was in no mood to write anything. I still am in no mood to write anything worthwhile. Coming back to business, I found this in one of the link my friend had sent. It’s fun reading.

The original poster had found this on a forum. In response to the question “Which programming language should I learn first?” – this is the response of one of the member of the forum to the question.


To program in an expressive and powerful language: Python
To get a website up quickly: PHP
To mingle with programmers who call themselves “rockstars”: Ruby.
To really learn to program: C.
To achieve enlightenment: Scheme.
To feel depressed: SQL
To drop a chromosome: Microsoft Visual Basic
To get a guaranteed, mediocre, but well paying job writing financial applications in a cubicle under fluorescent lights: Java.
To do the same thing with certifications and letters after your name: C#
To achieve a magical sense of childlike wonder that you have a hard time differentiating from megalomania: Objective C

I could go on… but I’m not feeling hateful enough today.

I sign off here. Hope you enjoyed reading this.


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