IPL Show

IPL has been a revolution of sort not only in terms of cricket but in terms of advertisement. There has been lots of innovative advertisements and I have listed few of them down.

1. Citi moment of success

This term is used to represent lots of event on the ground like a catch, direct hits, stumping, etc. Since franchises are city based and not state based I initially thought it meant “City moment of success” and I found it a little funny, But actually it is an tongue in check advertisement of Citibank.

2. DLF Maximum

It’s been some time since I have heard commentator use the word “SIX” or “SIXER” in the IPL. That is because, the word is out of fashion in the IPL the word in used is “DLF Maximum”, which is open advertisement of DLF Group.

3. Karbonn Kamal catch

Every catch that is taken in an IPL match is called Karbonn Kamal catch. Even if it’s a straight forward catch. What does that mean???? Nothing it’s just an advertisement for Karbonn Mobiles.

4. MRF Blimp

This one took most of the guys by surprise. Mr. Sunil Gavaskar started it “The MRF blimp, MRF is represented by Gautam Gambhir of Delhi Daredevils and Rohit Sharma of Deccan Charges”. Am not sure if I have got the statement exactly correct, but still it gives a picture. Even it’s wiki page speaks about it “MRF are currently sponsoring Gautam Gambhir and Rohit Sharma two other members of the Indian cricket team.”

This was the starting point and ever-since that moment every time MRF Blimp is shown we get to hear some story about MRF.

Now I can proudly say now that I know most of the history of MRF thanks to the commentators of the IPL.

5. Advertisements in between the overs

This one is killer break through. People would definitely watch the ad shown since it’s in the middle of the over. To be honest I hate the advertisement, shown in the middle of the over and am also worried that soon we could have advertisement after every ball is bowled. None of the ads shown so far in this slot has been worth watching.

The credit for this innovation should go to Doordarshan, they started it, Few years back Doordarshan started showing small ads on the bottom of the screen during matches and also who can forget the 5 balls over in Doordarshan during the ODI’s.

6. Strategic break
This one should be called advertisement breaks. I haven’t seen many teams take this break, till they are forced to take it because of the rules. The sponsors love it and we hate it.

I have been criticizing IPL a lot, but there are some good things too.

1. Karbonn Kamal catch for spectators, where Rs. 25,000 given for breast cancer research is a good thing. But yeah the advertisement value out weighs the charity.

2. UNICEF green messages are another high points of the tournament.

Before signing off let me make one thing clear, The best part of IPL is competitive cricket matches and not the advertisements. Surprisingly I am not very sure whether I am going to enjoy the T20 World cup as much as I have enjoyed the IPL.


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