Ubuntu One Music Store

Lots of people, who have been using Ubuntu wanted an iTunes like application for purchasing songs online. Unfortunately iTunes didn’t work on Linux. I don’t think Apple had any intention of supporting iTunes on Linux. So finally Ubuntu is coming out with it’s own version of music store.

This music store will be called Ubuntu One music store. It is believed that the song will use 256 kpbs (or higher) encoding which enhances the quality of the song. There are rumours around that it could feature free songs too. Am not sure how good these free songs would be, since if the songs are good it wouldn’t be free.

The Ubuntu One music store has been developed as a plug-in and so the users will be able to use it with a variety of music players in Linux. But in Ubuntu Lucid Lynx(Next version of Ubuntu) and above, it will be tightly integrated with the default music player – Rhythmbox.

Once you purchase the songs through the Ubuntu One music store, you can burn it on to a CD any number of times, Play through any software on any computer, and sync with any mp3 music device – even an iPod. iPod users can use the Rhythmbox plug-in libgpod for transferring the songs.

Check out this nice writeup on Ubuntu One music store.

The deisgn spec for Ubuntu One music store.


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