Nano weapon of mass destruction

This is a funny take on Brand new Tata Nano bursts into flames

This is just for laughs so don’t take it very seriously, and please don’t try to make any sense out of this. It’s a no brainer.

Now that we all know that a brand new Tata Nano bursts into flames. Imagine if Tata Nano can pull this trick off consistently. Every time you drive your Tata Nano for certain Kilometers the car would go up in flames. I have noted down few scenarios where this undocumented feature can be used.

Nano on fire

These are the ways in which I believe few category of people would use it.

1. Tortured Software Engineers
They would fit a TATA Nano with NOS (Nitrous Oxide System) without any engine augmentation and present it to their project managers and then pray that the NOS cylinder gets badly damaged leading to …

2. Henpecked Men
They would gift the default version of the TATA Nano to their wife or mother-in-law.

3. In India
Well the government would keep Nano cars on the border to scare Pakistani Terrorist. And keep few cars in the forest to scare Naxals. Anti-social elements will be taken in TATA Nano to courts and more often than not the car would explode delivering instant justice.

4. American Military
Since Drones are very expensive the US Military would use TATA Nano cars in Pakistan and may be in Afghanistan(after making some changes to the car). Since they would want it to be unmanned, they would commission a team to make an application/device to remotely control the car.

5. In China
Couple of hours after USA has announced the use of Tata Nano, a new company will open up somewhere in China. The company would set up cheap Nano factories and sell it as fake Tata Nano. With typical Made in China guarantee. The problems with cars

1. The car might break down before traveling the required distance for explosion.
2. In the worst case scenario it might never start.
3. Might explode on ignition.
4. And would come with no guarantee and maintainence.

6. In Pakistan
Since India won’t sell TATA Nano to Pakistan, they would have to purchase it from China. Fortunately since all the controls will be in Chinese, Pakistan won’t be able to use it, the government will be forced to teach it’s technicians Chinese. But unfortunately for Pakistan, the well documented bug in Chinese Nano would prevent Pakistan from using it.

End Result
Tata Nano would become the number 1 defense company in the world. India’s number 1 export would be TATA NANO.

India will be free of most of it’s problems.

I end it hear before I go crazy. If you got any ideas feel free to share it with me.


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