Well Trained or Well Educated

It’s really surprising what 3 idiots has done to one of my friend he literally eats, sleeps and talks 3 idiots all day long. I have been told he has watched the movie at least two dozen times now without skipping a single scene.

Well am not here to talk about the movie 3 idiots but an incident that took place when I was around my 3 idiots addict friend. In the end I will ask you guys a simple question and would really love it if you guys can answer it.(aka Vikram-beetal istyle)

It was 5:30 pm and we(me, another friend and my 3 idiots addict friend) were going back to office from a nearby tea stall. We happen to see two dogs, one chasing another. The chaser was more healthy(it’s master was behind) and the other dog was a street dog. As the chasing dog got close enough to strike, the street dog climbed a gate and slipped through the grills of the gate, but the chasing dog didn’t do the same although it could have tried and kept barking at the street dog which was now on the other side of the gate.

Seconds later the chasing dogs master called it back, and the dog returned back to it’s master.

All three of use were watching this incident.

My 3 idiots addict friend looked at us and instinctively asked.
“What did you realize when you saw those two dogs? ”

We were clueless and only managed stammered “The first dog was cleverer”.

My 3 idiots addict friend wasn’t satisfied with the answer and replied
“I partially agree with. But you guys missed out on a fact, The street dog was well educated and knew how to escape and the other dog was just well trained so it couldn’t catch the street dog. It didn’t know much beyond what it was trained in.”

We were in splits and said in unison “not 3 idiots again, dude”. But to be honest I completely agreed with him.

Then it occurred to me, How ironical all this was, The gate which showed us the difference between a well trained and well educated dog, belonged to a school which churns out hundreds of well-trained children every year.

It’s high time we take a second look at our education system. Right from schools to Graduate and Post Graduate Colleges.

As I said before it’s time for me to ask you guys a question. Hopefully few of you guys would answer.

“Are you well trained or well educated?”

Hope all of you have a great and a fun filled weekend.


9 thoughts on “Well Trained or Well Educated

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    • this one’s really a good post…
      well , after reading this , i feel am well trained. !! grrrr i hate the current education system

      • Unfortunately we are all well trained but not well educated.

        As Shivanand said before it’s an on-going process. We keep learning and educating ourselves.

        Nothing to be ashamed of.

  2. very good question… that most of us must know the answer. But in this world where well trained people are need then who will bother about well educated. ??? Well trained more money …

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