Opera Web Browser, Does anybody care

It took me 5 months to finish this blog. Well it has nothing to do with the research I had to put in but more to do with the fact that I didn’t try to complete it.

Back to the topic.If you go Opera’s home page.
You would most probably see something like this .

My question here is “Does anybody cares”.

TBH Opera has/had brought in lots of innovative features but it never gets credit for it. The tabs in web-browser was first supported by Opera and later picked up by Firefox, IE and others. But if I go around asking people very few would say it was started by Opera.

Another feature that stands out is the mail account support. Unlike Thunderbird or Evolution Mail or Mail, it ‘s very easy to set up. You don’t have to worry about port number, out going and in coming server names. Just have to enter your email id and password and it’s up and running. Not only does it retrieves the mail and sorts the mail like gmail it also allows to send mail. And I bet lots of people wouldn’t have even heard of it.

You can read through this.

It also supports chats.

It supports features which are supported by very few Web Browsers. Yet it’s market share is very low. (Market share is very low world wide but market share is decent in Europe 20% – 25%. Mainly because Opera is based in Europe)

Now Opera claims to be the fastest browser(I take it with a pinch of salt since every other browser claims it) but not many people know it.

Is it because of bad advertisement? I haven’t come across advertisements of Firefox either. Well Firefox has a huge developer base which definitely helps it.

Another fact that makes this issue a little more complex is the fact that the mobile version of Opera Web Browser(Opera mini browser) is incredibly famous. But don’t Opera mini browser user try the desktop version of Opera too? Am still wondering why is the market share of Opera Web Browser still low?


13 thoughts on “Opera Web Browser, Does anybody care

  1. Hi Vish, First of all let me congratulate u on ur first blog although it took u 5 yrs as u claim it.
    anyways, now the features that opera claim that they have introduced and the current set off innovations that they have introduced is very good, but the points that sets Mozilla Firefox a lot ahead of Opera are :

    1. Add-ons If we check the addons in firefox u will be overwhelmed by it.
    2. Opera doesnt render certain websites well
    3. Web Developers & Front End Developers prefer mozilla over IE and/ or opera for the 1st point that i mentioned.

    Congrats once again on ur first blog…. Make it a little more informative. This one lacked a little depth on the topic. Keep blogging

    • Let me try to clarify few of the matters. First thing first it took me 5 months and not 5 years, I shifted over to Opera couple of years back.

      1. Add-ons will be available only when people accept Opera Browser. People will not create add-ons till they believe it would be available for larger market. It’s like Mac OS and Linux not having many virus or worm issue, people will not concentrate on a system which has a very low market share. But TBH nothing beats Firefox when it comes to add-ons.

      2. I agree on this too, The reason for this is again point 1. Market share, when guys create web-page they normally test it on different web-browser to see if it’s all the contents are rendered properly. But guys never test the web-pages on Opera. I never did it either when I was working on mootools. Opera 8.01 and higher have included workarounds to help certain popular but problematic web sites display properly.

      3. As you said, I will also have to go back to point one.

      I would like to thank you for all the advice and try to put in a better post soon.

      • Well all i can say they could have introduced add-ons which are helpful for the web development environment. That would have helped them get the numbers required to add addons for the common man . Having said that I like Opera Browser but still prefer Mozilla Firefox. But being the fastest browsers that all browsers claim is rubbish chrome is supposedly the fastest around but its just a browser ….it doesnt have addons…put addons into them (if it exists) i bet all these browsers will be as fast( or as slow) as firefox lolz….Anyways mate keep bloggin as i said before …..how about a blog on Death to IE……will wait for that

        • Can’t agree more. Opera guys need to provide more support. Get people to use it more and become famous like Firefox using the word of mouth tactics.

          How about Death to IE and Microsoft is Satan.
          Kidding on that one. Am working on something interesting and non-technical for a change.

          • Bro i know ur a Fernando Alonso fan & he has started his ferrari tenure with a win …how abt a blog on 2010 season ur thoughts on the new regulations the new teams and the chances of force india f1 making it to the podium…

  2. Well! remember it was me who egged you to start using Opera. I remember you having your own apprehensions, list of annoyances and pure blind faith that its bad when I first asked you to use it 😉

    • I agree, I had been using Mail and Thunderbird and was tired of these desktop clients I didn’t expect opera to be any better. Thanks for pushing me to giving opera a try.

  3. wow … good post buddy … U should really be the next ambassador of opera … :p … send this post to opera guys for their promo.. !!

    • Thanks dude. There are better post available for Opera. Just doing my bit.

      P.S : Ashithraj would be the ideal person to do make Opera famous. He converts people and makes them use Opera ;).

  4. Well !! my take on Opera is a bit different from yours and Ashith’s opinion.

    I was a user of Opera browser 8-9 years ago. It was the only browser then than supported tabbed browsing, integrated download manager used to save the all the open tabs on quit and reload them while it is opened next time. Firefox din’t even exist then. Even in those times Opera was very low profile, very few users knew about it.

    Now things have changed with Safari, Chrome and Firefox. Just read the blog again, how many lines have you written on the browsing experience on Opera. The core competency of a browser is to provide excellent browsing experience, thats a bit ordinary with Opera *I feel*. All the other features are well and good but browsing experience is very important.

    Opera Mobile has been Numero Uno in mobile space for a few years now. Its new android version is also very well received.

    Chrome is the browser absolutely love these days. Its lightening fast, doesn’t matter how many tabs are open. FF is sluggish when compared with Chrome, even the launch time of FF is bad when compared with Safari and Chrome. With the recent extension support in Chrome its now completely irresistible…

    • Google Chrome is more secure than FF. The features I likes are
      1. Each tab in Chrome is a separate process, so If one tab crashes the browser doesn’t crash only the tab goes down.
      2. The updates Google Chrome does in the background.

      The only thing I hate about chrome is the fact, Chrome sends details about its usage to Google through both optional and non-optional user tracking mechanisms. This single fact has kept me away from using Chrome.

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